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28.12.03 The Hitchers Rock the 'Stool
The Hitchers Christmas party moved to The High Stool this year and a bumper crowd
witnessed the lads rip through a storming set. You'd never have guessed there wasn't
a single rehearsal possible for this years gig due to time constraints. Andy came virtually
straight from the airport (via a quick hello to his folks) and Niall barely had time to collect
his drumkit after arriving back in Limerick.

There were pressies from The Hitchers at the door for those who made it along early
and these included two new CDs "Live In D Major" a 9-track Live recording from last
years Dolans show, and "The English Stole Our Potatoes" which features 6 tracks from
the "..Better TV..." sessions that didn't make it onto the album.

The Hitchers Set: Liver/ Even at Your Bravest/ Sure/Killed it With My Bare Hands/
4.30... Two Down/Line Dance Finals Massacre/For the Want of Some Better TV/
Strachan/ Which Leg of a Chicken is More Tender?/ Fruit/ Rockaway Beach/
Aryan Beach Party/ The Urge to Kill/ Wannabee/ You Can Only Love Someone.../
U Can Du/ Liver/ Mama Mia/ Getting Rid of The Hitchers

10.12.03 They're Back from the Dead ...Again!!!!

(From Press Release Dec 03)
Legendary Limerick Alt-Punks The Hitchers have announced they are to reform for what is becoming
their near annual Christmas Party. This years gig takes place on Saturday December 27th in the
newly refurbished High Stool which now features a state of the art sound system and a much expanded venue.
Admission is €6 which for the first 50 party go-ers includes a Lucky Dip Christmas Pressie from
The Hitchers. It could be a single, an album, a T-Shirt …or it could be just the dregs of last nights pints
poured into an old paint tin and gently warmed on a radiator!!! Among the supports on the night will be
Niall and Erics new band The Pennywhores and of course there'll be a post-gig party with special guest DJs.

14.8.03 Loads of new stuff.
We've found a fair amount of bits & bobs relating to the early days of The Hitchers including photos,
press-clips and reviews. You'll find it all in Clippings, History, Pics and under Discography in the
first three releases.

4.7.03 FREE MP3 of 'Strachan'
We get a plenty of enquires here at the home of Limericks finest about 'Strachan'- The Hitchers ahem
 "...urban folk opera masterpiece" (P&C-some guy in some magazine who spends way too much of his
time dreaming up colourful descriptions of songs). Many of these enquiries come from the U.K. and
they tend to peak around FA Cup final time. This year was spiced up by Strachans Southampton team
being involved in the final -though they were narrowly defeated by Arsenal (que lot's of celebratory leaping
about the place by The Hitchers in-house contingent Eric, Andy and Alan). Anyways, we've no original
singles from the 1997 release left -though it is available on the CD 'A Well Earned Break For The
Firing Squads' along with 21 more of The Hitchers gems. For now though we've tracked it down on a
high quality MP3. Most of the Teenage Fanclub/Dinosaur Jnr.-esque guitar thing is, alas, shorn off the
 end of it but that should save you a bit on download time anyway. To Download
Click here and scroll
down to Strachan. You'll have to click "back" on your taskbar to return to The Hitchers -News.

14.1.03 'A Well Earned Break For The Firing Squads -The Hitchers 1989-2001'
Well it's finally come together -The 22 track CD-R that we'd hoped to have ready
for the Dolans Show (See Below and Pics for snaps just in!). The intention with
The CD is to bring together all the really old stuff that was never available on CD
before along with the later singles and a couple of bonus tunes* that haven't
seen the light of day before. Tracklisting:Which Leg of a Chicken is More Tender?/
All This Everything/Alice is Here/There’s a Bomb in that Basket of Fruit
/Blame it on His Hormones/Dirty Diane the Deceased Citroen
/The Inadequate Continuity Announcer/Holy Spirit Level/Longines/Red Mohair Jumper
/She’ll Be Sorry/Emily The Pig/Killed It With My Bare Hands
/You Can Only Love Someone So Much…/Strachan/Big Mug/I Can’t Breath/Liver
/Wannabee*/The Urge To Kill*/Something Good*/Line Dance Finals Massacre*(Drunk C & W Version)

4.1.03 Happy New Year and Thank Y'all For Comin'!!!
The 2002 Dolans show. Left: Andy and Eric get up close and personal. Right: All in for the floorcam shot!
Clockwise- Niall, Eric, DJ John Kelly, Hoss, Andy, Eoin and Benny. (Photos John Kelly)

Another bumper crowd turned out at Dolans this year  to watch the boys tear
through the old nuggets for ould time sake in a show many believe
 is now going to be The Hitchers annual Christmas Party.
Though party pooper Quinnman-the-Binman still maintains he'll be
lying on a third world beach this time next year -sluggin' on a chilled
bottle of dog and catching some mid-winter rays.
That's an really odd time of year to be heading to Kilkee Niall.
Incidently The Hitchers former drummers new project 'The Pennywhores'
also ripped through their stuff on the night as did special guests
Mr. Creosote who finished their set with a rather spiffing version of
The Hitchers 'I Can't breath In Outer Space'. After The Hitchers set DJs
Gugai Mac (GPO Galway) and John Kelly spun class tunes deep into
the wee small hours.
The Hitchers Set: Even at Your Bravest/ Sure/Killed it With My Bare Hands/
4.30... Two Down/Line Dance Finals Massacre/For the Want of Some Better TV/
Strachan/ Which Leg of a Chicken is More Tender?/ Fruit/Citroen/Rockaway Beach/
You Can Only Love Someone.../Aryan Beach Party/U Can Du/ The Urge to Kill/
Wannabee/ Liver/Mama Mia/Red Mohair Jumper/One last Song/
Getting Rid of The Hitchers

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